Jake Muñoz



"I am a product of my environment" is what world renowned artist Purvis Young told my 12-year old-self while we were painting in his studio on a hot summer day. He was self- taught like me. We often spoke to each other through our art, because we couldn’t really understand each other. Purvis was integral to my growth as a young artist, because it was through him that I learned  to express my emotions through art.

My passion for art grew as I did. I began to understand the use of conscious communication. 

I came to understand that my art could change the world.

Art is a powerful tool and I hope to inspire people. 


Coming from a Kundalini Yoga and Shamanic background, I am a firm believer in the spiritual realm and the powers we can all access. I combine those intelligences with my artistic process to help heal.

Although I’m a young man, I have an old soul. 

I want you to tap into your innate ability to feel.  Drop your masks and societies conditioning. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and become vulnerable. Take a journey with me. Jump into the black hole of the art work and let yourself feel.